About Us

Ziwani Hand Weavers Offers quality woolen products made from Nature

How We Started

Ziwani Hand Weavers workshop , a family business started by Daniel Matu who learnt his trade and was apprenticed in the spinning and weaving organization in Nyandarua then sponsored to further his education in KTTC BY NCCK. All our weaving products are hand crafted in our ziwani workshop and made with home spun wool dyed with natural plants dyes and treated with natural pyrethrum. Our inspiration comes from nature therefore expect natural products

What we Do

Ziwani hand weavers have been associated with lovely hand woven blankets of all sizes may it be baby blankets, double-bed blankets, single-bed blankets. Ziwani has also ventured well in producing hand woven shawls, scarves, open weaves and even hand woven kikois.

Why Us

By purchasing our handcrafts products you are helping to create income and ultimately a better life for our artisans and their families who some of them are disabled people. Over 30years we have obtained great expertise and experience which is reflected on our special products. We warmly welcome new agents and all trade enquiries both within and without Kenya